Notice/Feel/Wonder/Act: Webcam visibility in my mathematics classroom

The following is the evolution of my thoughts about webcam visibility in my virtual classroom. Some of these thoughts are hard to commit to words, but I hope they will help others dismantle the policing of students’ turning on webcams in class.  Notice I notice that only White students in my honors classes voluntarily turnedContinue reading “Notice/Feel/Wonder/Act: Webcam visibility in my mathematics classroom”

High school rehumanizing mathematics project, Take 1

I’ve been teaching a credit recovery high school geometry course for the past three summers. This summer, the program was offered virtually, with half as much in-class time as we’ve had in the past (appropriately so). After hearing from so many students that they were in summer school with us because a) they didn’t turnContinue reading “High school rehumanizing mathematics project, Take 1”